What Our Customer Says

I used to struggle with maintaining my wordpress web site as new updates, plugins and backups were eating my time. Since using wp team, I just email my requests in and they get on with it freeing me up to do the things I really need to do.

J. Oakes

Sheffield, United Kingdom

I am not a webby person at all so dont understand what is involved in the back office of my web site. I send in my blog posts and the people at wp team format and upload my news articles for me. Brilliant! Keep it up guys!

S. Phillips

London, United Kingdom

I am wanting to say that since using the wp team to make the maintenance on my site its is saving me alot of time. I am German so for me efficient and precise service is important to me. They do a very good job and the fees is not alot!

R. Schlesier

Bern, Germany

Last year I had a disaster where my wordpress web site was not backed up and we got hacked. The guys at WP Team made a one off job of clearing everything up so was so impressed that I subscribed to their monthly plan. I now have some peace of mind knowing that they have my back.

G. Ericcisson

Stockholm, Sweden