The Biggest Question of them all…
Why do I need WP.TEAM?

We will do all the boring tasks like updating your wordpress core, plugins, provide backup and restore services, answer any wordpress questions you might have, monitor your WordPress site, do security scans. These are things that you or your web designer might overlook as they can be quite cumbersome to perform on a regular basis. Thats where we come in. Look at us like an insurance policy.

Our team are experts in WordPress from design, programming, development, hosting, security, site troubleshooting, backing up and more, much more and are on hand to willingly assist you with making sure that your web site operation runs as smoothly as possible, saving you time and money and most importantly, peace of mind.


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Other Pre Sales Questions

How do you maintain my WordPress site?

When you join us, we will be added as an admin to your WordPress dashboard and install a simple plugin which allows us to monitor and manage your site from our internal dashboard. This allows us to easily update plugins, change content, take backups, monitor your server and perform malware scans.

How often will you update WordPress core and plugins?

As soon as an update is announced by the WordPress foundation, we will start the process of updating everyone’s WordPress sites. For plugins, we will proactively check for any new versions and update them accordingly. Usually all updates take place on the same day that the updates are released.

Will you backup my WordPress site?

Yes. We will take a full backup of your wordpress web site and store a full copy for at least 14 days. Its important to consider that when we take a backup the bandwidth used during that backup will be deducted from your hosts bandwidth allowance.

How many web sites will you maintain per plan?

Each plan is for 1 single wordpress web site. If you have another site you want us to work on, then you need to sign up to another plan.

Can you liaise with my web designer/developer?

Absolutely and we are happy to do so! Once you become a member of WP.TEAM, we will ask you if you would like to add any contacts to your account. They will then be able to submit support tickets and ask for our help anytime they need it.

I have some premium plugins, do you update those automatically?

For customers with premium plugins we will first check the status of the update from the developers site and then make an informed decision as to whether you should be contacted or not.

Do you support hosted web sites?

Unfortunately not. Websites that run on the platform cannot install our special WP.TEAM module which gives us access to your WordPress website in order to carry out the backups and monitoring. We are only able to work with self-hosted WordPress websites.

Do you support Multi Site WordPress Installations?

No. Currently our maintenance plans extend only to self hosted, individual wordpress websites. Due to the complex nature of WordPress Multisite it’s not feasible to offer a plan which covers such complex software.

Do Unused Custom Maintenance Minutes Roll Over?

On the anniversary of your subscription, the custom maintenance minutes are reset so if any minutes are unused in the previous month, they wont be rolled over to the next month.

Can I buy More Maintenance Minutes If I Use up My Allowance?

Yes you can. You can buy additional coding time at the discounted rate associated with your support package. You can also bulk purchase additional hours in advance. Bulk purchasing of hours may be rolled over to the next month.

NOTE: if you cancel your subscription with us, the prepaid hours are forfeited and you lose them.

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We provide you with a professional support and maintenance service for your WordPress site so that you don’t have to worry about things like updating plugins or the WordPress software yourself. We will help you with WordPress questions like how to do something in WordPress, troubleshoot issues with your WordPress site. We will do backups and monitor your site for security issues and much more. Our job is to take care of the regular maintenance items so you can concentrate on running and promoting your business and have the peace of mind knowing that if you need us we are here.


Within reason, and the constraints of your support plan, there is not really much we won’t do. Some specific things we won’t do are work on anything that is not WordPress, so if you have a web site which is not WordPress, then we cant/wont help you.